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June 13, 2021

Mid June 2021

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A lot has happened already in June with 3 residents not being at PG now.

Gilbert’s dementia has gotten a lot worse and was making it difficult for the staff.  He had some infection issues, so was taken to the hospital.  Once the infections were dealt with, he was moved to the Park Manor nursing home in Conroe.  Unfortunately he was put into a isolation wing because of covid.  Once they understood he was vaccinated, the said they would take him out of isolation, but they don’t have a room!  So… hopefully this week he will be moved to the “clear” section of the nursing home.  In the mean time only Wayne Overby and myself can visit him.  Here’s a picture of him a few days ago in the isolation room.

Today he was telling me how wonderful his care was, and how fortunate he was at his age (97) to be taken care of so well!  His mind seemed a little clearer… he wanted to be remembered to some at PG.  Other times we’ve visited he had no idea where he was.

Marybelle has been getting worse gradually for a long time.  It finally came to the point where she couldn’t transfer from the bed to the wheelchair as well, and was ending up on the floor sometimes.  Her needs were beyond what we could continue to meet.  Hospice searched for a nursing home, and found a personal care home in Conroe called the Tuscany House.  We looked at it and realized it wasn’t the quality of Pecan Grove, but it sure was better than a nursing home!  So we took Marybelle there.  This morning we brought her to the Opel’s meeting in Conroe where we now go.  Here are pictures of her leaving PG, with the residents and staff that were present gathered around her.  Then a picture of her, dad and Salena at the Opel’s this morning after meeting.

I took her back to the Tuscany house and took this picture of her with the man that runs the house, and of her room, which is nearly as large as the room she had at PG.

Sadly, she’s not a happy camper.  But this morning it was clear that our decision was correct… she is far beyond what we can care for.

If anyone wants to send mail to Marybelle or Gilbert, please send it to Pecan Grove, and we’ll get it to them.

Lastly, Clarence went to the hospital Friday because of blood in his urine.  He was moved yesterday to a different, rehab hospital.  They haven’t found the cause of the problem yet, but Clarence is doing well.  Here’s a picture of him today:

He still has his humor, and his mind is fairly clear (his short term memory has been bad for a long time).  He understands why he is in the hospital and isn’t complaining.  Hopefully they resolve the problem and he’ll be able to return to PG.

We’ve had several visitors already… lots to report, but will leave that till the real blog update at the end of June.



May 31, 2021

May 2021

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Lois continued to improve in May, graduating from the wheelchair to a walker (most of the time).  Marybelle has been even more feeble, with some very bad days and then recovering somewhat for a week or so between bad days.  Clarence continues to sleep a LOT, but when he is awake he gets around ok and has a wonderful, thankful spirit.  Marilynn received good, clear results from her tests, so no more tests for 6 months.  Fern’s shingles have improved significantly, but are still sore.

May was a time for visitors and birthdays. Clarence has been a popular man this month! Here he is getting a visit from his grand-son and their family: Josh, Angela, Miranda and Logan. Ronald also had a visit from some of our Spanish friends, the Avila family: Felix, Corina, and Samantha. (pictured center). Elton was also pleasantly surprised with a visit from an old friend whom he used to meet with. Ernest and Etty Bruer came all the way from Connecticut to spend some time with him.

Many of our family came by as well including Mike and Ronda; who came to check on Jack and visit for a little while. Here they are posing with Della, Della’s daughter Chris, husband Mike and their dog.  Mike seems pretty pleased with himself after getting stuck while going fishing in the last photo.

With all of the family visiting we were glad to see Jack make it out to gospel meeting. And, as an added bonus, Brent flew in for a weekend visit. He even picked Jack up in a convertible! Check out these two cruisin’ dudes!

It wasn’t just family who visited, however. Fern was treated to a sweet surprise when some of her dear friends from NY & NC came to visit. Lyndon, Nadene and Jennifer (Lyndon’s sister), Laird spent a few days with us and were a great help lifting our spirits. We also had a stop over visit from a New Mexico native, Carolin Dunn on her way home to from winter in Florida (pictured right with Elton). She knew Della and Esther both quite well.

The third week in May we experienced some crazy weather. It poured rain off and on for several days with some high winds. Overall we were lucky, with only minor flooding and a few fallen trees… no significant damage.

All of that rain was great for napping! Here are Clarence and Marybelle competing for Pecan Grove Sleep Champion.

We enjoyed a few days with Salena’s mother, aunt and uncle: Diane, Doris, and Les Craighton. They drove in for the weekend and caught up on some much needed family time.

Just like with every month, someone was probably born. More so for the month of May. Kathy, Dominique, and Clarence all experienced birthdays this month.

Kathy hit the big “7-0” and we celebrated with a new take on her favorite dessert: Crème Brûlée Cake!

We also celebrated for Dominique’s 64th birthday. Salena tried to capture the fun of enjoying a classic French cheese plate with a “cheese” cake. It is really all the little details that brings it together.

And last, but certainly not least, Clarence Roachell celebrated his 94th birthday! His family came and took him for a lunch of catfish, after which he showed them a little tour of his room. Here he is pictured with his daughter Becky and her husband Mike along with their son Kevin and his wife Alley. As well as their three children Conner, Garret, and Addison.  His cake was about his passion… fishing!

Kenny started working at PG.  Kenny and Ken both worked on this blog.


Kenny & Ken

April 30, 2021

April 2021

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April was a busy month.  Today, the last day of the month, was special because Lois Culver returned to PG from The Wellington where she’s been recovering from a stroke.  Here she is at the supper table just now.  Fern and Marybelle weren’t present.  Also a picture of her at the Wellington with dad, Kathy and myself.

Sadly, Elton’s daughter, Cheryl Hutchison, passed away from the cancer she’s been fighting for 12 years.  David Cleveland came to be with Elton, and took him to the service in WA.  Here’s a link to Cheryl’s obituary which has pictures of her:  Cheryl’s Obituary. Here are pictures of David and Elton, and then one of Elton on his 103 & 1/2 birthday.

We had wonderful special meetings in April.  The Sunday Houston special meetings were held south of Houston in Pearland.  Most of the residents were able to go.  Also, there was a special meeting at PG on a Wednesday afternoon.  The first picture below shows 5 of the 8 workers who were here.  Visitors in April include Mike, Becky, Lottie and Adelia Hepner, who have relocated from Arkansas to Magnolia TX.  They are shown here with Kathy and the Milles.  Also Sharon and Gary Nordic shown visiting Marybelle.

Pedro, Sary, Meghan and Peter Rodriguez came from San Antonio for a weekend, show here with Ronald.  Denis and Deanne Swenson visited from Colorado, shown with Alice, Marilynn and Marybelle.  Della’s relatives, Charles and Angela Strong visited, shown with Della and Esther.

Marilynn Stafford and Kathleen Bly visited from LA.  They visited mister Gilbert, played music with Elton and visited Lois at the Wellington,

Laverne Branson visited Marybelle.  Wayne (Clarence’s son) and Mary visited Clarence.  Kathy and I were in San Antonio and visited Conchita and Samuel Valdez who worked here at PG for several years.

Alice and I share a common birthday (1st pic).  Two of Alice’s nieces, Marion and Roger Fryer (WI) and Carol and Mike Martin (OK) came for her birthday (2nd pic).  Marion Fryer also had a birthday, 10 years minus 1 day younger than Alice, so we had another cake, one day later! (3rd pic)

Shawn had his 47th birthday (shown with Anita), and Kenny (Salena’s husband and our son) had his 29th.

On a Sunday afternoon the paper is quite important!  Lois was here for the meeting and lunch.  Our dog Bella returned from a month of obedience training, and got to visit one of her good friends, Marilynn.







March 28, 2021

March 2021

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Marybelle’s pain in her leg and hip has gotten worse.  We were finally able to get hospice for her while she still stays at PG.  Hospice should help with pain management.  We’re trying to keep her from having to go to a nursing home as long as possible.  Lois continues to improve at The Wellington, and we still have hope she will improve enough be able to return to PG.  Lois has been out for meeting 3 Sundays and dad 2 Sundays in March.  Dominique and Salena are designated “essential care givers” for Lois which means they can go to her room.  Anyone else can visit her on the porch.

Marilynn finished her bladder treatments and hopes there is no more tumors to deal with.  Della got hearing aids and is doing well with them.  The other 7 residents are about their usual.

Visitors this month included Della’s daughter Chris and my sister Ronda, shown here with Della.  Also the Walker family from TN visited Esther.  Lyle came by for a visit, shown here with Gilbert.

Nohemi and Anahli Lopez visited, shown here with Alice, Marilynn and Ronald.  Pat and Linda Bly visited, shown here with Marybelle.  Del and Kari Campbell and children visited Kari’s parents, Wayne and Dawn Overby who live here on the farm.  This picture is of Kari and daughter Kate with Della, Dawn and Marilynn.

Eric Jackman and two grandsons Michaias and Erik (who live in Arkansas) visited Fern. Howard and Maryann Colson knew the Jackman’s in Guam.  At the same time Roger Paul, his son William (also from Arkansas), his daughter and son-in-law the Joe and Julie Trapp (who live near Houston), visited.  We failed to get a picture of them.

Birthdays this month included Esther 87 and Salena 28.

Marybelle likes to collect food for the chickens.  Abigail takes her over to feed them about once a week.  Shawn took a picture of these wild hogs down by the cabin.



March 14, 2021

March 14 Update

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Several have contacted us asking how Lois and Marilynn are doing, so here’s an update.

Marilynn had problems with shortness of breath.  They did a chest x-ray and thought she had a small amount of pneumonia, so they started antibiotics.  Sunday the 7th she felt worse, so we took her to the hospital.  Another x-ray didn’t show pneumonia, but they thought she had congestive heart failure and increased the Lasix.  Then they did an angiogram and decided the problem is PHT (pulmonary hyper tension).  The Lasix continued to help and she was released Friday.  We picked her up and asked if she wanted lunch, which she did, so we took her for Vietnamese Pho soup!

After going down for a few weeks, Lois began to improve Tuesday, March 2, while still in the Encompass rehab hospital.  Wednesday, March 10, we moved her to the Wellington in Conroe where my dad is.  Thursday her sister, Sue Culver, and nephew, Tim Bradley, came to see her.  She is continuing to improve, and hoping to get well enough to come back here to PG.  This morning Kenny and Salena brought both Dad and Lois from the Wellington to meeting and lunch here.  There were 22 of us for lunch, so we took some pictures.  Everyone has been vaccinated, so we could be close.

Here’s Lois with Sue and Tim.  Then the residents, front row, Fern Duncan, Lois Culver, Marybelle Armstrong, Della Bolt, Marilynn Frye, Jack Newman and Clarence Roachell.  Back row, Gilbert Reese, Esther Duncan, Ronald Elliott, Alice Otken, and Elton Cleveland.

It also happens to be Dominique and Mimi’s 40th wedding anniversary.  Tim took this picture of the group that was together.

A wonderful day!


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